Q1:  Where can I get this game from?!?

  Lure of The Temptress was released in 1991. Today it has been officially released as freeware and is legally available for download.
  It is suggested to download the game from developers official site.
  It is probably also available on many abandon- and freeware sites.
  The original and Sold-Out copies of the game are rare. You might be lucky to get one from eBay or something like that.

Q2:  There should be a tinderbox on the floor at the smithies, but there's nothing.

  This is part of the copy protection built into the game. You may experience this with budget releases or with the freeware version downloaded from the internet.

  To bypass the copy protection and be able to pick up the tinderbox you need to restart the game immediately when it begins. When the game starts and you find yourself in the cell, move the mouse to the top of the screen and press left mouse button to get to the menu (hold the button down to leave the menu visible) Choose File - > Restart game. Now when you get to the smithies you'll see the tinderbox and be able to get it.

  If you have already played the game up to the point where you need the tinderbox and do not want to restart and do everything again you can download my saved game specially meant for bypassing this problem.

  Download the savegame.dta and copy to your Lure of the Temptress folder. Note: when you overwrite your old savgame.dta your saved games will be lost. So if you wish to preserve them, copy the old savegame.dta somewhere else before putting my savegame.dta in the game folder.

      savegame.dta (38 kb)

  savegame.dta contains only one saved game - Tinderbox save - everything played exactly like explained in Revolution Software's walkthrough and Diermot has just picked up the tinderbox. You can safely continue from here and enjoy the game.

be vigilant!
eero : otsus@estpak.ee