You can download a .zip file containing every saved game, but also a single file if for example you are stuck or a bug is in your way and you just want to get past a single point.

IMPORTANT: please consult readme.txt for any information required to get the files working.


Broken Sword - The Shadow of the Templars

 Put all the files in Saves directory (by default C:\Sword\Saves).

All the saved games: (33Kb)

01. As it all began (6kb)
02. Police have taken cafe (6kb)
03. Outside Nico's (6kb)
04. The Costume Shop (6kb)
05. Hotel Ubu (6kb)
06. Next to Merlin's Room (6kb)
07. Back after the hotel Ubu (6kb)
08. Musee Crune (6kb)
09. Ireland (6kb)
10. Oh my god! There's been a car accident (6kb)
11. Mr Stobbart, the electrician (6kb)
12. Castle wall (6kb)
13. In the Castle (6kb)
14. Back in Paris (6kb)
15. Hospital (6kb)
16. Dr Stobbart at your service (6kb)
17. Andre at the museum (6kb)
18. Nightime in the museum (6kb)
19. After the Crime (6kb)
20. Montfacon (6kb)
21. Big Sewer (6kb)
22. Circle (6kb)
23. Spain (6kb)
24. Inside the house (6kb)
25. Chess game (6kb)
26. Back in Paris after Spain (6kb)
27. Marib (6kb)
28. No toilet until brush given back (6kb)
29. I have 50 bucks & toilet open (6kb)
30. Bull's Head (6kb)
31. Inside the cave (6kb)
32. The Priest in church of Montfacon (6kb)
33. Site de Baphoment (6kb)
34. Inside the Dig (6kb)
35. Back in Spain (6kb)
36. Down the well (6kb)
37. The Train (6kb)
38. Scotland (6kb)
the original savegame.inf (1kb)



Broken Sword II - The Smoking Mirror

 Put all the files in Saves directory (by default C:\Program Files\Broken Sword II\Saves).

PYRAMID BUG: if you are looking for the saved game to get past the pyramid bug then download saved game 31. The pyramid (6kb) (remember not to talk to Titipoco when you come down with the ammunition belt, go and take the torch right away).

All the saved games: (36Kb)

01. Spider is dead (6kb)
02. Café (6kb)
03. Glease gallery (6kb)
04. Mareselleis (6kb)
05. Condor Transglobal (6kb)
06. In warehouse (6kb)
07. Nico is free (6kb)
08. Escape from the docks (6kb)
09. Quaramonte city (6kb)
10. Half is done (6kb)
11. Mining CO. (6kb)
12. In the jail (6kb)
13. Back in the jail (6kb)
14. Treehouse (6kb)
15. In the village (6kb)
16. Back in the treehouse (6kb)
17. Ketches Landing (6kb)
18. You have got a fish (6kb)
19. England (6kb)
20. Back in Carribean (6kb)
21. Half way to Zombie Island (6kb)
22. On its way to Zombie Island (6kb)
23. English metro (6kb)
24. Zombie Island (6kb)
25. Ready to fire the ox (6kb)
26. Use revealed exit or maze (6kb)
27. Zombie pirates (6kb)
28. Zombie Island: The beach (6kb)
29. George Stobbart: The stuntman (6kb)
30. Indian village (6kb)
31. The pyramid (6kb)
32. On the pyramid (6kb)
33. Almost in (6kb)
34. In the pyramid (6kb)
35. Nice clock (6kb)
36. One tile pressed (6kb)
37. Second tile pressed (6kb)
38. Third tile pressed (6kb)
39. Secret door (6kb)
40. Many levers (6kb)
41. Stairs (6kb)
42. Certain death (6kb)
43. The Enddddd (6kb)

be vigilant!
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