Q1:  Where can I get this game from?!?

  Beneath A Steel Sky was released in 1994. If you wish to get an original or Sold-Out copy you'll have to search eBay or something like that.
  Beneath A Steel Sky has also been released as freeware so it is possible to download the game legally from the internet. You are able to get it from various abandon- and freeware sites, but it is recommended to download the game from ScummVM, where both the CD version with speech and smaller floppy version are available.

Q2:  How can I run this game on Windows, especially on XP?

  The community has to thank the incredible team of ScummVM for this one. Up to recently running Beneath A Steel Sky on Windows was hard, on XP impossible. ScummVM has made it possible to play many oldies on newer computers and it is something truly awaited. And now, from version 0.5.0 it supports Beneath A Steel Sky.

  Head down to ScummVM site and download the application. Currently version 0.5.1 is recommended. But be sure to check back time to time for bug fixes and updates.

  NB: Occasional crashes and some bugs may still occur. Check the documentation at ScummVM site.

Q3:  The game crashes when I move to another screen on the walkway?

  Press Scroll Lock when the game starts. The keyboard lights may not be affected, so trust your guts. When you press Scroll Lock once the scrolling option is disabled and the game doesn't crash. When you push the button again scrolling is yet enabled. So be sure to press the button only once.

Q4:  I have problems running the game.

  Beneath A Steel Sky is rather old and may not run like normal on occasions. There can be various solutions how to go about these, but if you are experiencing some difficulties it is suggested to run the game using ScummVM - all the files and documentation are on the site.

Q5:  What are the LINC console codes?

  As Beneath A Steel Sky is freeware now I can tell the codes for different LINC consoles.

    Amritah Cola Company: 704723
    Anchor Insurance: 520228
    Beaudin Beauty Salon: 293852
    Blayde´s Emporium: 293944
    Celestial Sandwich Sushi bar: 257303
    Cole Brothers Gathering: 113668
    Dreamtyme Imports: 127813
    Frank´s Fisheries: 492132
    Hammond´s Drug Store: 113322
    Hvengelmir Heating Company: 180400
    Keading Memorial Pipe Company: 520394
    Martell´s Wine & Winkle Bar: 127174
    Mudd´s meat by-products: 305662
    Nonesuch data system: 386253
    Peejays Bakery: 284764
    Richy´s Metal Heaven: 386651
    Security Services Social Club: 815931
    Sqwak Security Systems: 284291
    The Piermont foundation: 704417
    Ultars Eatery: 257925

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