Many of you might be really sad to hear that Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon's score will not be composed by Barrington Pheloung who worked on the first two episodes of the series. But as the whole game has received a totally new look and feel, why not the music. So this time around the man in charge of the 'air wavy' part of the game will be Ben McCullough, and believe you me - he knows his trade. Hey, why trust my words - check it out yourself. To give you a small glance at what the third episode might sound like I'm offering you some of Ben's work.

  How Ben came to make such pieces I might discuss with him sometime in the future, if ever. But in his ambient works you can definitely hear some influences of Autechre, Orbital and Aphex Twin, few favourites of mine, so you can imagine how thrilled I was after hearing his work knowing he was to compose The Sleeping Dragon's score. Whoa!

  When talking to the man himself about putting this all up on simpleBrokenSword he had one thing to say before giving the green light: "Heh heh - you better make it clear that the weird electronic stuff isn't really representative of what the BS3 score will sound like. It's pretty much solidly orchestral... Similar to the first 2 games... It has got a few electronic textures and loops thrown in, but they're subtle..." So pay special attention to the orchestral tunes.

  Well, I won't keep you for any longer. So here are 11 files of Ben's work - 6 orchestral and 5 ambient tunes. All are 160kbps .mp3 files.

Ambient work:
    April 1#01 post peak (2,23 Mb)
    Choon #01 sf comp (2,53 Mb)
    July 21 02 AA mix final (4,29 Mb)
    July 15 mix (2,06 Mb)
    20th January (6,74 Mb)

Orchestral work:
    Brass stabs (159 kb)
    Flute solo legato (434kb)
    Matrix (506 kb)
    Stealth manoevure (521 kb)
    Tropet solo legato (629 kb)
    Violion legato (501 kb)

  So there you have it. The sound of Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon. (Don't you just wish The Sleeping Dargon had ambient score. '20th January' tune rules! But then again, 'Stealth manoevure' sounds truly something like Broken Sword could have, rather nice.)

Many thanks to Tobias for helping on the article.

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