Broken Sword fans and fan sites have always wanted to get their hands on some left overs from the production of the series. Revolution Software Ltd. isn't keen on releasing any of such information, so besides few concept art images the fan community has seen nothing. Tony Warriner, director and programmer for Revolution Software, once said that they aren't happy about releasing even demos - they want to concentarte only on the game. After all, that is what a developer should do. In fact - nothing much is actually left out. I once asked Charles Cecil, the managing director of the company, if they had any unused background art or somthing like that, but nothing. Charles said that everything is produced with purpose - they have thurally worked out ideas and story so there is no time nor point to do something for leaving out.

  But there is one thing left over - miles and miles of voice acting tapes. In one chat with ex-employee of Revolution Software, Dave Cummins, who among other things directed the voice recording for both of the games, mentioned, that quite few dialogues were left out from the final release. He also said that while recording Rolf Saxon and all the other actors used to make a lot of jokes which didnt suit for the game and got cut out. Well, I guess some of it was left in after all. The goat easter egg in Broken Sword II features quite wierd dialogue narrated only by Rolf Saxon himself - did YOU guess it was him?

  Anyways, getting hands on the actual voice recordings is probably impossible and I guess we will never see the day when some other stuff from Broken Swords production is released. But I found something interesting in one of the Broken Sword II resource files - two left out dialogues. Many people have tried to decompile Revolution resource files to get images and audio out from them. Today audio can be accessed and all the voice acting can be converted to wav files, but nobody has managed to extract any images yet. OK, back to the dialogues... I was looking through the text.clu file of Broken Sword II - this file conatins all the subtitle lines of the game - and I found two left out dialogues between George and Miguel in Quaramonte City jail. Unfortunately the corresponding voice files have been removed, but at least we can read what they were supposed to say :)

  I've restored how things might have happened. This is my theory - the dialogues were meant to take place just after George managed to get into the city jail and when he saw Miguel in there sadly staring at a noose hanging from the jail bars.

    George: Hey! Donít do it, pal!
     Miguel: Huh? Why not?
    George: If you hang yourself youíll regret it.
     Miguel: Give me one reason why I shouldnít.

  It seems that at this point the player was supposed to get to choose between three replies. They are as follows.

The first -
    George: Do you have a family?
     Miguel: My wife left me and took the children.
                There was another woman.
    George: Maybe she'll forgive you?
     Miguel: You don't understand...
                They seem very happy together.

The second -
    George: The rest of the band need you.
     Miguel: They'll be better off without me.
                Everyone knows musicians make more money when
                they're dead...

The third -
    George: Because there's more to this than just you.
                Something bad's going down in Quaramonte and it
                involves the general...
     Miguel: What doesn't around here?
    George: ...and Karzac.
     Miguel: KARZAC? Don't even mention that devil's name!

  I wonder why this was cut out - I actually think it would have given some better atmosphere to the jail scene. But one thing is for sure - Miguels wife left him for another woman, what a bummer.

  The second dialogue is not that long, but is quite staright forward, and funny IMHO. I can't quite say when exactly this was supposed to take place, but the noose was still hanging...

    George: I need that rope.
     Miguel: Wait your turn.


  You can see if the dialogues are actually in text.clu yourself. Open the file in Notepad or any other text editor and search for a string 'NOT USED'. There are few other 'outcast' lines besides the two above dialogues, but some of them only contain word 'DELETE' and others are only random lines and too fuzzy to make out - I have no clue who said them and to who. Every left out line contains string '(see ds)'. It is mystery to me what that means, but I plan to look into that as well.

  The game could very likely contain other left out dialgues, voice acting files, images that were just forgotten there, but it takes a lot of time and patiance to scan it all through or to even get access to them. This could be only the tip of the iceberg.

  So, happy discovering to everyone!

be vigilant!
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