Many of us have played their games, many are big fans of their adventures. But how much of us really know who THEY are?!? We have 'met' a few of them, like Tony, Steve, on the discussion board, but whats the face behind the name, what does that person do for Revolution Software?
  Tony Warriner has been really kind and taken some time from the production of Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon to make a list of persons who work at Revolution Software Ltd. today. Also many thanks to Steve Ince, who took a view on the whole article and corrected some mistakes.
  These are the people behind the company:

Charles Cecil - CEO, lead designer. Creator of Broken Sword.
Noirin Carmody - Commercial director.
Tony Warriner - Director, coder, designer, story + gameplay.
David Sykes - Director, tools coder.
Francesco Iorio - Director, head of technology.
Steve Ince - Designer, producer, story + gameplay.
Jonathan Howard - Designer, dialogue writer.
Dale Strachan - Designer, implementor, gameplay.
Ross Hartshorn - Designer, implementor, gameplay.
Patrick Skelton - Coder.
Jonathan Mitchel - Coder.
Andrew Boskett - Coder.
Steve Galagher - Artistic director, animator.
Sucha Singh - Character modeler.
Emanuele Salvucci - Background artist.
Ben McCullough - Designer, musician, audio.
Demis Trevisson - Character modeler.
Michael Ryan - Character animator.
Richard Lilley - Project manager.

  But whats the face behind the name? What do these people look like? I hope to clear some of this up. Thanks to Dave Cummins, ex-writer for Revolution Software, who has been kind enough to help and has put names and faces together.

  The team picture comes from the production days of Broken Sword - The Shadow of the Templars and thus is rather old (and also rather poor quality). Today many faces are gone, and many new ones have appeared. Still, it is our dear old Revolution Software at heart. Dave wrote this at the end of year 2000 (I really don't know why it has taken so long to appear online), so the information is not most recent.
Still - Enjoy!

Click on the image for a larger version.

  Image key:

1. James Long - main implementing programmer on Broken Sword 1 and 2. James is now at Gremlin Interactive.
2. Steve Oades - lead graphic artist, with the company since Lure of the Temptress. Steve was the main guy responsible for drawing George and Nico.
3. Paul Porter - main technical programmer, responsible for the special effects and a lot of very excellent technical stuff. He left to take on a major role at Gremlin Interactive.
4. David Sykes - one of the founding directors and responsible for teshnical support and tools. Still at Revolution.
5. Andi Forster - animator. Andi worked on a lot of the little movements you see when George interacts with anything.
6. Dave Cummins - the lead script writer, creator of the characters and design. He left at the start of In Cold Blood.
7. Linda Smith - she was an animator, not anymore at Revolution.
8. Jane Stroud - coloured all the animation of characters. She left after Sword 2 and works in Wakefield now.
9. "??? No... can't remember his name for sure. It might have been Dave. He left after Sword 1."
10. Jonathan Howard - script writer. Brought in half way through Sword to help Dave Cummins out. Still at Revolution, but no longer involved with scripts.
11. Mike Merren - animator who helped Steve Oades with the main character animation.
12. Charles Cecil - managing director, one of the founders of Revolution Software.
13. Tony Warriner - director and programmer, co-founded the company.
14. Noirin Carmody - adminstration, support and marketing. She is married to Charles.
15. David Swift - computer enhancement of painted backgrounds. The paintings were produced by a guy in Ireland who had worked for Bluth Studios. David went off to Scandinavia.
16. Steve Ince - originally an artist on Steel Sky, became the producer of Sword 1 and 2. Still at Revolution.

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